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Clash of Clans - Guide and Tips on Spell Factory
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Clash of Clans - Guide and Tips on Spell Factory

Want to learn more Clash of Clans watch all our tips videos! Subscribe to our channel so you're the first one to learn more tips and tricks from GamerU: Follow us on Facebook: Clash of Clans ''spell factory'' overview. You can unlock the factory when your town hall has reached level 5 and you've collected 200,000 elixir. Here, you can create 5 different spells to use during raids. Each spell has a different power -- lightning, healing, rage, jump, and freeze. Upgrade your spell factory to unlock all five! Check out our other Clash of Clans videos at GamerU to learn more about each spell. ''Archers'' "Mortars'' ''Army Camp'' Barbarians How to ''Join a clan'' ''Get Free Shield'' ''Get Stars'' ''Quit Raid with out losing trophies'' Clash of Clans Wiki Page Go to to view our entire library of fast, fun and free tips. We are adding new courses and uploading new videos at every day. You get stuck, we get you answers!

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